Jesse Kates

To accomplish the musical task set before him--that is, to create beautifully complex music while maintaining the simplicity of a one-man act--Jesse developed a method by which he might clone himself. He/they then composed an album of dizzying effluence titled Sleight of Hand. (He somehow manages to pull off the cloning thing live. It's weird.)


How an attention disorder gets turned into music. Divergent yet familiar rock collides with the scattered esoterica that is the mainstay of Chris' lyrics. Songs about fleas, fear, and tremendous failures will excite bored ears and get still toes tapping.


An accordianist and an insomniac combine to form this project, which quivers like a dish of gently electrified gelatin. Still in the womb, but coming soon to a tympanic membrane near you.


Self-described "Darkjazzmathpunks," instrumentalists Whitford twist, bend and wind their way through each wonderful song. Their music is a soundtrack for the misunderstood life--anfractuous yet comfortable.

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