If you want to help out, here's a couple things you can do:

1. Come to our shows. Show dates will always be posted on the home page. We try our best to book shows at low-cost venues so we don't bankrupt our fans.

2. Join our street team. As a street-teamer, you'll be needed to do things like hand out flyers and stickers, and just get the word out about our artists. Right now we're just concentrating on the northern NJ area, so if you're interested, email streetteam@rotarydial.com.

3. Give moral support. One huge thing you can do to help out is just contact us and lend us a little moral support. One of the toughest things we typically face is the feeling that a lot of work leads to little reward (besides our own enjoyment)... it only takes a few words from you to negate that crap. So yap at us. We weren't given enough attention as children.