• Cricket Press:
  • Amazing design services, gig posters, and the like.
  • Sticker Guy:
  • Good quality, low-price all-vinyl stickers.

  • Bloomfield Ave Cafe & Stage:
  • A great local (Montclair, NJ) venue.
  • 8 Park Underground:
  • Once meat lockers, now a play space and rehearsal area.

    Other Rotary-Dial projects:

    Web Projects:
  • MPS board:
  • A message board we coded for our friends in the multi-purpose solution
  • MCC Young Adults:
  • Another board we did for Montclair Community Church young adults group. Technically superior, but no longer used.

    Video Projects:
  • N.J. Means Nin Ja:
  • A trailer for a movie we worked on some time ago.
  • MCC Graduates 2004:
  • A retrospective video and cartoon (!) we did for the Montclair Community Church graduates, which was shown on June 23, 2004.
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