Whitford Whitford

Whitford Whitford is the simultaneously structured and raucous self-titled sequel to Orson Welles: Planet Devouring Robot. These 14 instrumental tracks flow easily from one to the next and offer the listner a dynamic, satisfying ride. Whitford's hummable harmonies, winding song structures and occasional blasts of colossal guitar noise converge here to deliver an inimitable aural extravaganza.
Release Date: 10/31/01 Item Number: RD002
Orson Welles: Planet Devouring Robot

Orson Welles: Planet Devouring Robot is Whitford's dynamic, hauntingly beautiful debut album, an instrumental immersion in eight string bass, electric guitar, saxophone and percussion. Recorded live and without overdubs in a small home in Pittsburgh, PA, the fourteen tracks of Orson oscillate between composition and improvisation, tension and release.
Release Date: 12/01/00 Item Number: RD001
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