In our capitalistic society, idealism almost never translates into success when it comes to business matters (not to mention anything else). But what if we take the rules of capitalism and flush them down the toilet, and redefine success in terms of something more important than money? What could possibly be more important than money?, a disembodied voice asks. How about anything and everything? Music, self-expression, being a conduit for the infinite--a channel for things you are familiar with but barely understand? How about the enjoyment of life instead of mere existence? At the risk of over-stressing my idea, I'm saying that this is the idea behind this label.

I want there to be no illusions about Rotary-Dial Records. So first let me say that I'm not pushing for this label to be the force for some sort of revolution or something. I don't give myself that much credit, and neither should you. I do, however, want to be a drop in the good bucket, so here is where I explain what that means: Rotary-Dial is not here to make money. My vision of success would be to gather good music and good musicians, and share them with as much of the world as wants to hear them! Even if I didn't make a single penny, if those who had a thirst for original music could come to know it through Rotary-Dial, I'd be a happy man. In fact, I don't WANT to make any money from this label. If I had to count on this company in order to put food on the table and pay my rent, I'd inevitably have to compromise its ideals somewhere along the line, and I don't want to do that. Instead, it would be a dream come true for me to be able to give out free t-shirts and CDs, and host free shows and just gather a bunch of people who were excited to experience music that hasn't already been done a trillion times. Ultimately I know this isn't realistic--I'd have to be independently wealthy to be able to fund something like that, and I'm not--but I still want to keep prices as close to cost as possible.

I need help, though. The good news is, I don't need financial help. I don't need your money. What I do need is support: whether it's moral support, advice, ideas, a link to this site on your homepage, or just some kind words. Even just by reading this you're helping me, because I'm not writing it pointlessly. So even if you just let me know what you think, that would rock.

Thanks in advance. The label's going through some revisions, and so is my mindset, so truly, thanks for tuning in and caring enough to read.